Delicate Wings 3x3 Card Kit

Thank you for purchasing your card kit!! 

On this page I will give you some tips for creating, detailed instructions and some more inspiration for your left over pieces! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me through my email or facebook page. For those of you who are interested in purchasing this kit - please contact me or find me at a local Craft & Vendor show. 
This kit includes the beautiful Delicate Wings Stamp set from Close to My Heart and features the Skylark paper line.

Kit Contents:
Background Sheets
Each kit comes with enough material to make 8 cards, 2 of each design. 
- 8 background pieces, 2 of each.
- Stamp set & ink pad (colors vary)
- 8 Cardbases & Envelopes
- Teal Shimmer Trim
- Paper Squares & Embellishments
- 6 3D double-sided adhesive dots

Other tools you will need: 
  • Adhesive (you can get some cheap at most dollarstores)
  • 1 x 1 acrylic block
    *Both these can be purchased from Close to My Heart in my online store.*

Lets look at each of the 4 designs and how to create them with your kit contents.

Card # 1 - Butterfly
(Supplies: Yellow background piece, 2 punched squares, 3D dot (1 patterned, 1 brown, 3'' shimmer trim))

1) Attach adhesive-backed teal shimmer trim across the background horizontally. Tuck the ends around the back of your background piece for a smooth edge.
2) Stamp butterfly stamp on the patterned punched square and attach to brown cardstock square with adhesive.
3) Attach your stamped square to the background piece with 3D dot.
4) Attach the background piece to the card base with double-sided adhesive. 

Card # 2 - A Little Something for You
(Supplies: Beautiful Memories background sheet, blue striped arrow and tag) 
1) Attach arrow on an angle to the background piece with adhesive.
2) Attach stamped tag on top of arrow with adhesive.
3) Stamp bird stamp in the corner of the background sheet, overlapping the tag.

 Card # 3 - You are Such a Good Friend
(supplies: Smaller yellow background sheet, shimmer trim, 3D dot, 1 punched square)

1) Cut 8 tiny pieces of shimmer trim and attach an equal distance apart onto card base. **I found that drawing a line in pencil with a ruler across the card base helped me line up the pieces so it looks like one solid line of shimmer trim.
2) Attach the yellow background piece (with ‘you are such a good friend’ stamped) to card base using adhesive.
3) Attach shimmer trim across the top of a punched square and stamp flower stamp below.
4) Attach to background sheet with 3D dot.

Card # 4 - Dragon Fly
(Supplies: 5 patterned punched squares, 3d dot)

1) Attach 4 punched squares an even distance apart on a white card base with double-sided adhesive.
2) Stamp dragon fly stamp onto a 5th punched square
 and attach to the center of the card base with a 3D dot.

Now you have created all your cards! Beautiful work! Now is the fun part, use your left over pieces as well as the stamp pad and ink to create your own designs. I would love to see what you created!!! Link up your pictures on our facebook page, we love the inspiration!

Some more ideas for your stamp set:

I hope you have enjoyed creating with me! Stay tuned for more kits that will soon be available!
- Kiera

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