Sunday, 4 May 2014

Rainy Sunday Layout

Today I spent the afternoon scrapbooking in my basement, hiding out from the rain! I am trying my hardest to finish up my scrapbook from University (which I attended almost 4 years ago now!). I find I get distracted by my other albums and sometimes procrastinate on the University one... maybe because I wish I was still a part of that care free life without a job... haha. Anyways I was using a kit I bought last weekend to complete a page of my boyfriend and I when we were first dating. I have to give credit to Virginia Nebel who designed the layout (Also I see on her blog that she taught the kit in a class at the Toronto Creativ Festival but I could not make the class). Anyways, here they are...


  1. Hi I'm your latest follower. I came to your blog from Brae's Facebook page. Great job on the layout and your blog also! I would love for you to visit my blog as well and perhaps become a follower of mine as well!

  2. Thank Marianne for being my first follower!!